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Changing your icon

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Changing your icon Empty Changing your icon

Post  LarkoftheRiver on Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:20 am

After testing some things out this morning, I found out some things about icons that are worth sharing.

Now, let's put on an icon. Ohhh this pic of Umbreon is cool! Let's use it!
Changing your icon Umbreon
Keep in mind that this image is too big for the icon feature to support. The max size for icon is 150x150. This is over 200 pixels wide.

Now, the first thing you'll do is save it to your computer and try to upload it directly. Well, that would work if it was under the size limit. Hm.. let's try out the other options.

To use the next two fields, you need the actual image location. Right click on the image and click "view image" (or something of the like) This little guy's link is

As you can see, the first option takes the image and puts it to the size, so let's see what happens.
Changing your icon 2-49
I've found that the current uploader that Forumotion uses has an issue with transparent images. If your image isn't transparent, this will be perfect. But ours is transparent, so let's keep going.

The next option copies the image directly to the site. So, paste the image link in and see what happens.
Changing your icon PnKKPIp
Oh my gosh Umbreon is eating the page. It did that because the image is too big. So, you'll have to resize it.

You can resize in all editing programs. If you're just using it for icon resizing, I recommend Gimp. Its free and resizing is about all it does well. Its pretty cheap for anything else. But its a free program so you know.. can't expect anything nice. But it will do what you want.

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